Do Apollo Soul Carry Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

Yes we do, Apollo Soul carry full public liability insurance to the sum of £5,000000. If your venue requires certification please notify us prior to your event or access a PDF copy of the certificate in our Resources area.

What Equipment Does Apollo Soul Use?

We have a full professional Front of House PA system manufactured by leading Italian Pro Audio specialists RCF. Our system is ideal for a wide range of audience capacities ranging from small intimate events of 50-100 guests, to larger events of 500 people plus. Our PA system can easily reach 5000watts if required.

Our Main Pa System consists of:

2x RCF HD12a Mk2

2xRCF ART 715a Monitors

2x RCF 905AS Subwoofers

1x Soundcraft MFX12 Multi Purpose 12 Channel Mixer

The Band uses a range of Yamaha & Roland Keyboard & Piano’s, Fender Guitar Amps, Sennheisser & Shure microphones, DW Drums and RME & Apple Audio Solutions.


Our lighting system is made up of 2 combinations. These combinations are included in all packages. They consist of a mix of professional LED lighting and Classic lamp effects by EVL and MAD lighting. We have years of experience in pro Sound and light and have chosen the perfect combination of both technologies for our stunning live show.

The main components of our lighting rig are as follows;

10x Led Par Cans

1x CLS-2 Lightmaxx LED Strip

4x Mad Scan DJ Series 250w Scans

4x EVL Spins 250w

1 x Pro Lightmaxx Smoke Machine

1x Lightmaxx Spotlight

1x Lightmaxx 1500w Pro Strobe (Used Upon Request)

X Factor Lighting (As seen in our promotional Videos)

For larger events of 500+ or company events we recommend the addition of our professional lighting engineer supplied by Markclew Lighting. This lighting particular rig includes the highest range of professional lighting used on industry touring shows and popular television programmes such as X Factor, the voice etc. This lighting rig includes a wealth of moving heads combined with an array of professional LED Lighting.

Here is a breakdown of some of the lights includes in the platinum package.

4x Martin Rush MH3 moving 5R beam.

4x Martin Mac250 Krypton

8x 5w RGBW LED up lighting, – No Fan silent operation.

Avolites Tiger Pearl Lighting Desk.

Will Apollo Soul learn our first dance?

Yes this is included in all our Wedding Packages at no extra charge, we are happy to learn your first dance, We do request that you submit your selection to us at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding.

Is Apollo Soul’s equipment PAT tested?

Yes all of our equipment is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT). If your venue requires certification of this please let us know prior to your event, alternatively you can also download a copy from our Resources area.

Can you finish after midnight?

Yes if you would like Apollo Soul, our DJ or our Pianist to perform past midnight we can accommodate this for a small fee, please let us know upon enquiring and we can supply a quote for this.

Do I Need to pay a deposit to book Apollo Soul?

Yes we require a 20% deposit on all bookings, Once you have decided to book Apollo Soul as your wedding band we will forward deposit payment details. On the receipt of this payment we will issue a confirmation contract to you. Your deposit is only refundable in the event of cancellation by Apollo Soul.

Does Apollo Soul take requests?

Apart from first dance requests included in our wedding packages we generally do not take requests due to the complexity of our live show. However our DJ will happily take requests all night from you and your guests.

When and where can we come and see Apollo Soul Live?

Please see our homepage for upcoming events in your local area, we are pretty busy all year round with private events but generally aim perform 1 public event a month.

Does the band require parking for its vehicles?

Yes, the band will require up 2-3 spaces to accommodate the bands vehicles, In the event of restricted access or shortage of parking the band must be notified prior to your event so suitable arrangements can be made.

Does the band require food and drink?

Yes and for all packages, each band member will require suitable food and drink, this is to be made available prior to the band performing or during the bands live show interval.

Can we choose what songs the band perform?

In general out setlists are fixed, however songs can be omitted from the setlist upon clients request. Please Contact to enquire about this.

Will the band be feature the same musicians promoted on this website?

Yes! Apollo Soul prides itself on being a premier live entertainment experience, we do not sub contract our bookings. We believe when you book Apollo Soul, you should get Apollo Soul. Occasionally we will hire professional dep musicians in the event of a band member being away on tour.

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